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Question asked in : Mombasa - 4 years ago

How much do things cost in the Mombasa area of Kenya? Food & drinks? Also how much is a safari? just need to know how much to budget for?

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Apr 4, 2010
Hi, Safari prices are quite high and vary a lot acc. to accomodation / distance travelled, but you should budget at least a 100 USD/day/person
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Greta K. says :
Apr 16, 2010
I agree with Isabelle. There is a lot of variation, but it will be difficult to find any decent safaris for less than $100/day and they definitely go way above that. The good news is that most include lodging and food. If you are willing to rough it a little, go for the tent camps (they still have good bathrooms). These are going to be the cheapest. Also, you can head to Amboseli instead of the Masai Mara and that may save you some money too and you will still see everything you want to see - maybe just not in as large of numbers. If you are just hanging out in Mombasa, food and drinks are pretty cheap. Also, if you are looking for a quick day activity, check out Bombalulu handicrafts. This is an organization that employs Kenyan people with various disabilities and works to improve the lives of others throughout the country. Enjoy your trip!
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