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Question asked in : Zagreb - 5 years ago

I am headed to Zagreb and wanted some recommendations where to stay- not bare bones budget but clean and reasonable. thanks Michele

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Lucas D. says :
Feb 11, 2011
Go to Nokturno Hostel! It's in the city center! and everything is near! nice place, and good rooms! :) The Skalinska street is very beautiful too!
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Jun 27, 2009
Hi. I was in Zagreb 3 years ago. I stayed in LIKA hostel. The price I paid was ok. The problem is that this hostel is not near to the city center. To get there you must take bus or tram.
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Marina S. says :
Jun 26, 2009
Hotels are waaaaay over-priced. We are talking 200 Euros a night, and there are not very many. I would also recommend hostels. If you want to check out what other people think you should look at You can read people reviews of the places. I always find those helpful.
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Majda P. says :
Jun 24, 2009
hi...well hotels in zagreb are really overpriced...if you are looking for a nice hostel with a good location i would recomend hostel nocturno, or hostel furil the only hotel with reasonable price that i know of in zagreb is hotel fala eventhough is a bit out of the center of the city (20 mins walk), but public transportation in zagreb is really well organized and you have buses and trams that will take you to any part of the city.
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Erich R. says :
Aug 16, 2011
Also check out Fulir Hostel. 50m from the center, right next to a bar and restaurant and supermarket. Plus there is a bathroom for each dorm.
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