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Question asked in : Ko Phangan - 3 years ago

I heard that november is the best time to visit Thailand... but that would be the coll season right? Is it possible to enjoy the Ko Pagan beaches at this time of the year?? How about the fool moon parties??

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4 answers
Rob V. says :
Jun 3, 2011
january till April is the best season to go to Thailand. Its not to hot 25 -30 degree
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Kevin F. says :
May 26, 2011
sorry to burst ya bubble, i go 2ko phangan for last ten yrs all year round, although november is still hot its often raining alot,which means lots of mozzys, i woud recommend foer best weather inbetween mid jan to end of april......tip. stay in haad yao, ko phangan
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Sue D. says :
May 24, 2011
cold season in Thailand would be about 25C and not much raining on November, I'm sure you will have a great time in Koh Phangan and also Full moon Party!!!
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Douglas B. says :
May 21, 2011
Yes go. Have fun and good journeys!
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