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Question asked in : Curacao - 4 years ago

Is it save for two women (age 21) to go to curacao during fall? And has anyone experience with the dolphin academy?

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Koen T. says :
Jul 8, 2010
It is definatly safe there, everyone says watch out at night on Otrobanda, thats the west side of the city... But thats for every tourist... But every bigger city has a place like that right? Further, the dolphin academy is great! A good girlfriend of me worked there and showed me around, its realy good! :D I would say give it a try! Pack your bags!
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Clay B. says :
May 19, 2010
I on the other hand much prefer Curacao over Aruba. Not as touristy and the locals seem to be much nicer. Very safe overall. But at night stay away from the outrabando area. Very beautiful place. Especially if you dive or snorkel.
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Mike M. says :
Apr 29, 2010
I have been to Curacao many times now (I work on a cruiseship) and have never had an experience that would tell me it's not safe. It's expensive, but all of the Antilles seem to be very safe. I recommend Aruba over Curacao though.
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