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Question asked in : Oslo - 1 year ago

What are the cheapest hostels/ dorm to spend night in or near Oslo, Norway

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4 answers
Lorena M. says :
Aug 24, 2012
i think Anker Hostel is the cheapest.. it's not the best hostel in the world but at least is not that much pricey and it has a okay location. check it out on :))
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Matiss V. says :
Aug 9, 2012
There realy are no cheap hotels
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Feb 3, 2013
there is no cheap hostel in norway as far as I know, I recommend take a tent and sleep whereever you like (but not too close to houses, buildings cause this is forbidden)or couchsurfing - but this one it is not only about free accommodation but mostly about meeting new people!
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Anton R. says :
Aug 8, 2012
There are no really cheap hostels : ( I would check out "Oslo Vandrerhjem Holtekilen" . what are your dates ?

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