The Louvre Museum

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99 rue de Rivoli
Paris, France 75058
+33 (0)1 40 20 57 60
It is the most visited and most famous museum /art gallery in the world with 35000 works of art. One can spend days in the Louvre, half a day being the bare minimum. Depending on one's area of interest, and on the time available, it is valuable to choose ahead of time which of the following departments to explore :

Near Eastern Antiquities
Egyptian Antiquities
Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Antiquities
Islamic Art
Decorative Arts
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Métro: Palais-Royal-Musée du Louvre 
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5.0 star rating
May 29, 2008
Don't stand in line at the pryamid, adjacent to the mini arc  d'triomphe is staircase that leads you to the underground shops and a metro station. There is usually a very short line. Pick one or two galleries to see in any given day. Grab lunch at the outside cafe and enjoy the people watching.
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5.0 star rating
Feb 23, 2009
One of my favorite museums in the world - you can spend a whole week in there. I suggested checking out the mesopotamia wing - I spent a full day just in that area and had to come back a few days later to catch the rest. The building itself has a really nice feel once you're inside.
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5.0 star rating
Jun 14, 2008
Awesome. What can I say that others haven't? So much classic stuff. I especially loved the Egyptian stuff -- the Book of the Dead in glass cases mounted on the wall -- the weighing of the heart ceremony -- was really surreal to see the original. Of course there is a constant crowd around the Mona Lisa. Oh, and you can take photos of a lot of the historical stuff!!! Always a plus. Went there twice and spent probably a total of 4 hours at least over 4 days -- and only scratched the surface.
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4.0 star rating
Jun 9, 2009
My first impression was - The Louvre is huge!! How am I going to manage to see all the beautiful things? Its like you find yourself in a huge shopping mall in Canada during winter discounts, you get anxious because there are so many great things to buy at really low prices. I exit the shopping mall as the stress was too high. However, did not make a U turn at the Louvre...I hit the main entrance and went to see the masterpieces first - The Venus of Milo and The Joconde of Leonardo da Vinci...Wonderful, amazing...Its an adventure to be able to savor them in real time, in front of you, without the middle-making of paper, or electronic media...But, somehow, the Joconde, seemed and irrelevant. Things are definitely not as they seem. And then i went for the Egyptian antiquities...So many beautiful things scattered around the world - luckily the pharaohs are still asleep, or they would be considerably crossed. Then, the meditative paintings collection - Van Eyck, Duhrer, Rembrandt, Italian Renaissance...Current collections...I could write about the Louvre a lot, but the advice I would give a fellow traveler - forget the quantitative approach and go explore what interests you, and what will make your heart sing...
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4.0 star rating
Apr 6, 2009
Last year my friend of Malaysia came over and I desided to show him more of europe than only Belgium so our first stop was Paris. We went there to spend chrismas which gave us a wonderfull senary as well. Onbelieveble how they make the decoration for chrismas. Everywhere were lights and music was playing around the whole city. But ofcourse we did more then only seeing the nice decoration. We went to see all the touristic places guide by a friend of ours who lives in Paris. This gave us great oppertunities to see more of the city that some other tourist would never see.. But of course the typical Frensh things were nice as well to see. I jus think that everyone should go to Paris once in his or her live at least.
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