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Gricignano d'Aversa, Italy

The Naples Navy Exchange (NEX) offers many comforts of home.  It is located on the US Naval Support Site, and is only a short distance away from the Commissary.  Because I live here, I know what it's missing, and what it needs.

Outside the NEX, there are small shops including a bookstore, bank, beauty parlor, and various booths selling expensive jewelry, jackets, and souvenirs that come and go every now and then.  To get inside the NEX itself, you will need to be carrying either an ID or the proper paperwork with you.  Italians are not eligible to shop in the NEX.  If you do not carry an ID, you will need to find a sponsor.

Inside the NEX, you will find a wide selection of purses and jewelry when you first walk in, along with a free face up stall.

Moving deeper into the NEX, you will find the (rather disappointing for some of us) clothing section.  Every size is accounted for here, from infant to obese.  The clothing section takes up much of the NEX.  The other items sold here include:

- Toys (We all find what we are looking for here, although it is no Toys R Us.)

- Sports equipment (From golfing to baseball, little kids to semi-professional.)

- Gym and grill equipment (All you'd ever need.)

- Electronics (of every sort)

- Pet supplies (NOT including rodent supplies, fish supplies, OR bird cages!)

- Furniture (And lots of it!)

- Tools (Haven't spent much time here.)

- School supplies (including those handy designer pens.)

- Storage supplies (Plastic bins mostly.  But the selection is very useful.)

- Beauty supplies (pretty good selection.)

And finally, the craft section.  This is really only one isle and has always been the saddest part of the NEX.  The list goes on and on with what it lacks, but I'll only list the most disappointing ones:

- Modeling clay (!!!)

- WHITE poster board

- Anything not for kids unless you scrapbook

All in all, the Navy Exchange is a fine place, but not the very best by far.  You will find the basic necessities here for sure.  Just hope you don't need anything fancy.

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Jul 20, 2008
Located on the US Naval Support Site in Naples, Italy.  Probably the cleanest place in southern Italy.  The Navy Exchange offers clothing, jewelry, furniture, home goods, electronics, etc at reasonable prices.  
The Navy Commissary is next door which is a big supermarket and offers all sorts of groceries that CANNOT be found out in the economy.  Come here to shop if you miss American products from home or are tired of getting ripped off at Italian places.
Also on site is a food court with Subway, Taco Bell, AW, TGIFridays, and KFC.  Movie theaters, arcade, US Post Office, and the Navy Lodge offers nice accommodations.   
Lots of FREE parking where you don't have to pay some creepy Italian guy 2 euro to keep your car from getting stolen or bashed in.
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