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Coromandel, New Zealand
The Hot Water Beach is found at the Coromandel peninsula. This beach is famous for is geothermal activity. So when there is low tide (important check the tide times, they change everyday) people go to the beach and dig (you can get a spate in your b&b or hired it from the surf shop) a little pool where there gonna sit in. It looks funny because from time to times there are hundreds of people digging their pools next to each other. Then let some water in and sometimes out of a sudden it can get so hot that you will run quickly into the ocean to cool down. The water temperature which can be as hot as 64°C (147°F), filters up from two underground fissures located close to each other. It's a very unique experience!
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Hot Water Beach is a beach on the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand, approximately 12 kilometres south east of Whitianga by car.
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May 21, 2010
I am surprised nobody talked about the Hot Water Beach at the Coromandel peninsula so far! Because it's such a unique experience seeing all these people digging little pools into the ground... If you don't know whats going on you wonder why ;) Be careful cause I actually burned my bum because the water starts suddenly boiling! In that case only running quickly into the ocean helps! ;) so much fun!!!
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