Brimstone Hill Fortress

About Brimstone Hill Fortress
Sandy Point Town, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Brimstone Hill Fortress is a massive 17th to 18th century fortress that was nicknamed the ‘Gibraltar of the West Indies’ as one of the largest Caribbean forts.  It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site today.  Located 750 feet above sea level, Brimstone Hill Fortress was designed by British military engineers and built by African slaves starting in 1690.  It was home to a large British garrison and instrumental in conflicts with the French until it was captured in 1782 and returned in 1783 as part of the Treaty of Paris.  The fort was abandoned in the 1850s and restored starting in the 1960s. 

Brimstone Hill Fortress consists of a hilltop compound perched on the steep slopes of the 800 ft high Brimstone Hill volcanic cone.  You can smell the sulphur vents from around the hill.  The compound contains cannons, barracks, magazines, and other structures and is surrounded by a large retaining wall.  There are excellent views of Sandy Point Town and some of the neighboring Netherlands Antilles islands from the top.  Museum displays include exhibits on colonial history as well as artifacts such as swords and earlier native tools and pottery.  As well, there is an audiovisual presentation on the history of the fort
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