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Geneve, Switzerland
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Nov 7, 2008
Rive is a very popular "spare" in Eaux Vives quarter in Geneva where you can find anything you want. Recommendation: buy stuffs in shops 'cause streets products are much more expensive =))
Here also can eat lots of menus of many food bases: Indian, Swiss, French, Western, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai... So origianl and variable. If you're a gastromone, dun miss it :P
The lake is just few steps away from the main streets named Rue de Marche. Also have an ancient church that tells us alot about this city and its history. You can have a walk along river bank or a little "trekking" climbing up and down the hill around the old church which they call Old Town.
There are more stuffd that you can discover yourself as I can't tell anything here. Geneve is a fun place. You have all here...
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