Vacuum Pump - Scientific & Industrial Applications of Vacuum Pumps
by Ervin W.
Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pump is an electro-mechanical device used to remove gases from the closed vessels and create vacuum inside it. Vacuum pumps are designed for different applications used in different industries. Vacuum pump is used in packaging industries for FMCG, consumer products, plastic processing houses and electronics manufacturing units. Low vacuum generating pumps and high vacuum generating pumps are in good demands in Indian as well international markets. Positive displacement pumps and momentum transfer pumps are the good examples for industrial applications. The efficiency of any pump depends on its capacity; speed, through put and application for which the pumping is required. There are few of the types commonly available in the market for sale are Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, Single Cone Vacuum Pump, Close Couple Vacuum Pump, Two Stage Vacuum Pump, Chemical Process Pump, nash pump etc.

Application of Vacuum Pumps in Scientific Applications

Vacuum pumps are not only used for industrial applications but also have given the most useful contribution in developments of various researches in laboratory. You might be aware that many micro organic lives like bacteria and other minute insects that can’t be seen through naked eyes can be observed through powerful microscopes only. The study of their life and reactions can be possible in vacuum conditions only without the presence of gas/oxygen. The powerful low vacuum pumps designed for custom requirements are used to create the vacuum in the sealed chamber. The honor of development of such vacuum pump is given to the vacuum pump manufacturing companies only. Small size vacuum pumps are also widely used in Aviation industry and different medical surgeries. One of the examples of its usage you can find in tooth cavity filling operations by dentists.

Application of Vacuum Pumps in Industries

Small vacuum pumps we are using to clean the dusting from our household materials. That is the live example of which hope everybody is quite familiar. Vacuum pumps are widely used by electronics appliances manufacturing companies to produce vacuum tube, electrical tube lights bulb and lamps. Vacuum pump manufacturing companies put their best efforts to create the vacuum pumps to enhance the ideal vacuum creation capacity of the device.

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