Bieszczady, Poland

Hiking in Bieszczady mountains
by Pavlina L. (in Wetlina on Jul 04, 12)
We've recently visited Bieszczady in four days and I was surprised how great tracks are there. Although Bieszczady are mild peaks in lower altitude, their wilderness is astonishing. (You can find more information about those mountains in description of Bieszczady destination) 

Our itinerary for short vacation were (for inspiration) as follows: 

1. Go from Przelecz Wyznianska to Mala Rawka and Wielka Rawka, then continue to Krziemeniec, return via Wielka and Mala Rawka to Dzial ridge and to Wetlina village. 

2. Go from Ustrzyki Gorne to Polonina Carynska and continue on the ridge to Brzegi Gorne and to Polonina Wetlinska. From the ridge of Polonina Wetlinska you can return to Wetlina village. 

3. Take a day off (if you have the opportunity) and visit some wooden churches in the area. We've visited churches in Smolnik, Rabe and Rownia. Then go to Jezioro Solinskie for a swim and a meal. You will find there almost seaside resort with a lot of restaurants and souvenir shops. 

4. Go from Wolosate to Halicz, continue below Kopa Bukowska to Tarnica (the highest peak, 1405 meters above sea level) and go on the ridge of Szeroki Wierch to Ustrzyki Gorne. 

If you don't have your own car, you can make use of the car which goes there a lot and takes tourists to requested destinations for a reasonable fee. For instance, we were using this car for taking us from Wetlina to Ustrzyki Gorne. 
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