Pokin in Hong Kong

Mar 27, 2002
by Pokin Y. (in Hong Kong (SAR) on Mar 27, 02)
Hi everyone!

Just over two weeks before my work term here is over.  My time flies!

I guess I manage to keep busy with the bumps and hiccups in my life. :) After the initial excitment of finding out that I was going to Paris, I went through a near scare of almost being disqualified. 

No, I wasn't doing drugs. 

Well, yes I am, but that's doctor sanctioned. :)

Besides the fact that it's not like I'm in the Olympics. 

Anyway, there was some fine point about whether I am actually still considered a student or not.  After a weekend and two days of nail biting,it turns out it's a non-issue after all, and I'm still going to Paris :) (*For those who care to know, technically, I'm a student until I convocate in June)

Remember how I mentioned that I work in a very estrogen rich atmosphere? 

Well I decided that I would do my bit for the single females in my work place by introducing them to some male friends. 

The venue of choice?

Disocvery Bay.  I've been itching to "return home", and since it was a convenient location at a convenient time, why the heck not?

Now my coworker is the nicest person in the world, and a pretty good conversationalist.  She's friendly and funny, and pretty outgoing.  But still, I don't know how she did it.  She managed somehow, in less than 1/2 an hour after meeting my friends, to, somehow, hook the two of us up to some stripping-watching action.

We watched one male take off his shirt.

And the other male strip to his trunks.

And we managed to watch them both walk down the street that way.

Okay okay, so maybe SHE didn't do it.

After all, it was a pretty hot day.

Oh alright, and one of them was going for a swim.

Oh ALRIGHT, and I did make them practically run up a steep incline on a day where the temperature was above 26oC.

But it was still pretty funny.. :) 

It almost reminds me of the time the two female highschool classmates walked around downtown topless. :)

We had a pretty fun time, and I really enjoyed seeing all the old haunts.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a pic of the four of us, but I did get three. :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Since I haven't mentioned work for a while, let me tell you a story.  Until I started working for a consumer packaged goods company, I never really thought about the finer details of work.

I mean the really fine details for work.

But I'm getting a new found appreciation for it with my latest project.  This project involves revamping our product labels.  Since it's a pretty big product line, we're very careful about how the change affect our brand. 

In fact, we're so careful, we sent an urgent note to the design company about some of our requirements.

Check out snippets of our conversation:

...As I understand from your e-mail earlier the most concerning part is the props. Please let me know whether you have any further request re chicken (American, Chinese, fat etc), so that I can discuss this with the photographer....

...Please find attached the selected chicken [jpeg] - juicy and long legs....

...I think Chicken J looks good.  The skin tone is more even, the legs are a good length, and the chicken looks plumper than yesterday.  I did notice though that the skin from the front leg seems to have detached from the bone, and does not reach completely to the end of the leg (as it does with the other leg).  Would we be able to find one with the skin covering intact on both legs?  Also we like the position of the hind leg, but the front leg looks off kilter.  Can you find a chicken where both legs are parellel to the hind leg of Chicken J?....

Who knew I cared so much about a chicken?:)

As I end off on this edition, I leave you with three pictures:

Panda - This is one pampered and secure feeling panda!  Taken at Ocean Park

Ocean Park - view of South China sea as mentioned in previous email

Discovery Bay - three of us hiking up the path to the reservoir.

Till next time!

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