What? Another cruise?

Day 2 - Boarding the Safari Quest
by Pokin Y. (in Juneau on Sep 10, 10)
Shortly after Nell and I arrive back at the hotel, Dan leads us across the street to where the boats are docked.   Across from the Safari Quest is the Safari Explorer, both part of the American Safari Cruises fleet.   Safari Explorer is carrying regular guests and also about to depart for its last Alaska trip of the season.   Dan gives us a quick tour before we head into our own boat.  Kinda cool to see the distinction.  I observe enviously they have a room labelled "massages."
As we are about to board, out comes the entire crew to greet us, where, I quickly note there are almost as many crew members as there are guests on board!   Dan invites us to go ahead and board, so I step right on up to the plank and am greeted by Nitakuma, the First Mate who takes me on a personalized tour through the boat before leading me to my cabin (C3).   There sitting in the room already was my suitcase.
Wow this is service!
I head back upstairs and meet up with Nell.   We’re both ABSOLUTELY RAVENOUS at this point as we’d not eaten since breakfast, and are thrilled to see a warm crab appetizer awaiting us, along with two different types of cocktails concocted by resident bartenders extraordinaire, Mary and Sarah.   This is one aspect of the service that our gang ends up discovering very well.   I think Nell and I camped out by the pot of crab dip all night at first discretely then after blatantly stuffing our tummies with good food.
We go through some orientation, the crew introduces themselves, we sit down for our first dinner before retiring for the night to be ready for the first great adventures of the trip the next day.
As our ship sales out from Juneau, I watch the signs of people, houses, then telephone poles slowly disappear into the horizon.   I smile then, before heading inside, eagerly anticipating the week of adventures.
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