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Tel Aviv - Thursday/Friday March 17-18, 2011
by Michele B. (in Tel Aviv & Surrounds on Mar 18, 11)
I made it. It feels great to be here - the sun is shining and the sky is blue and I am in the company of friends.  My flight from the states via Munich was smooth and comfortable and although I didn't sleep that much I kept up with the rhythm here and lasted til 3am more or less. 

When I got off the plane customs was crazy and it took a while but once through I caught a train to N. part of the city where my friend, Lior picked me up.  He lives in N. Tel Aviv, in the suburbs.  I caught my breath then we went to get some tickets for a Purim party happening that night.

The holiday is Sunday but Thursday through the weekend there are parties all over where people dress up in costume and celebrate- some by day as well, even on the beach.

We went to a mall to find a costume and I bought a simple mask and blue lipstick and he a bunny outfit. 

Lior is one of 10 Israeli's I met while in Bolivia.  Another friend is Yaniv, who also came and stayed with me in New York.  He brought a few friends to the party and picked me up from LIor's house to go to the party, while Lior came later with another group of friends.  It was a very fun evening with nonstop music, drinks, etc and we danced and danced - I saw another friend, who also stayed at my house for a week recently - a friend of Lior's. So it was great catchup time.

Time got away from us, plus the change in time- I don't think I went to sleep before 6.....and then up by 11:30..I had an appointment to meet up with 2 more Israeli's I met while in Bolivia- Nir and Elad.  They were going to eat hummus in the Jaffa neighborhood of the city, at the famous Abu, Chassan. The guys told me they'd be in one, but Lior took me to the original so we all met up afterwards, albeit briefly.

It was so nice to see them and I am supposed to hear from them today or tomorrow.  They live just outside the city.

Lior took me to the Jaffa market which is a combination of flea market, stalls, different stores with tables outside, bars and cafe's.  It is a cool setup, lively, and set right in Old Jaffa, amidst original architecture and Roman influences.  We were in search of true Arabic coffee but walked away with a jeans pocketbook that I was too tired to bargain down the price, a Lavazza Point coffee, an arab bread with Zata spice on it (don't yet know what it is but all israeli's seem to go wild for it); and some white gooey gel stuff that Lior loves and added coconut and peanuts too...... the street party playing house music with over 100,000 people had broken up unfortunately so after circling for WAY too long, we parked and walked on the beach for a while.

Now I need a siesta.  Hasta pronto.

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Arlene B. says:
Apr 3, 2011
I just read all of your blogs from start to finish and felt I was reading a book! Some I had read before but enjoyed them again. Fabulous!!!! Stay well. Love, mom
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