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New York, United States
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First To Review: Sean M.
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Mar 26, 2009
Well this was probably the most action I saw in New York. As my buddy and I were touring the city at 2 in the morning. My buddy got a crave for some New York pizza. We can upon a small pizza palor. As we enter a rough looking gentleman was holding door for us to enter. He then proceeded to one of the booths. Another really scruby man entered while we were in line. The man sat down with the man that held the door for us. My buddy and I took a seat with my back to the scruby man. The man then got up from his seat and was fixing his jacket. He then looked me in the eyes and said he was going to jail tonight. I was wondering what in the heck was this man saying. He then reached into his coat. I was thinking what was going to happen. He pulled out a pair of gloves. He then proceeded ot the door. Upon opening the door, a man met him when the door opened. The Man grab him and spun him around againist the window. Then 10 undercovers swarmed the man. They brought him in out of the rain to process him. The man then look at me and said "I told you I was going to jail. This was a controled buy by New York undercover. When my buddy and I left the place we both turned to look at the place. The name was "A Slice of New York"
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