Miss Sau Resturant Hoian

About Miss Sau Resturant Hoian
55NNguyen Phuc Chu st,Hoian Quan Nam
Da Nang, Vietnam Nil
The Miss Sau Restaurant I know is on Cam Nam Island.  Cross the Cam Nam Bridge, turn right, walk bAy a few buildings and there it is and it's great.  It has only 3-4 tables but the food is very good and very reasonably priced.  "Miss Sau" is a wonderful person as well as cook.  I can't say enough.  Anyone who is in Hoi An should certainly go there.  My wife and I were there for several days in 2012, November, I think, and once we'd been there we went back for all our meals.  The cao lau, white rose and fish in banana leaf are all excellent.  You can't beat it.
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