Singleton is located in Australia's New South Wales region. It's not much of a tourist destination, and other travel spots such as Katoomba, Sydney, and Manly may be more interesting to explore in this area of Australia. If you do travel to Singleton, please add your favorite places in this Singleton travel guide.
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Singleton is situated on the banks of the Hunter River, 209 km north-west of Sydney via Cessnock. It has an elevation of 73 metres. The area around Singleton was once occupied by the Wanaruah people. Because few written records of Aboriginal Australia were kept and because their communities and cultural practices were so devastated by the spread of agriculture, pastoralism and white settlement it is difficult to make firm assertions about life in pre-colonial Australia. However, it is known that the Wanaruah favoured goannas as a food source, covering larger animals in hot ashes and stuffing them with grass. They also adopted burning off practices as the new shoots which emerged after fire attracted kangaroos which they surrounded and killed with clubs and spears (du-rane) barbed with sharp stones. They also used stone axes (mogo) made of hard volcanic rock bound to a wooden handle. As ironbark is slow to burn it was utilised as a transportable fire-stick while stringybark was used to make a twine employed in fishing and basket-making.
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