Not too many travelers make their way to Tasmania when visiting Australia. Those that do usually go to see the Grindelwald. Otherwise travelers visiting the area generally stick to more well-known destinations such as Hobart. If you do travel to Tasmania, please take some time to tell us about what you saw in this Tasmania travel guide.
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Let's start with Hobart...
Tasmania's capital city with an intriguing blend of heritage and lifestyle,scenery and vibrant culture. Hobart is warm sandstone, bright spinnakers on the River Derwent, fish punts at the docks, the slap of halyards on masts, coffee under the striped sun umbrellas of Salamanca, an occasional frosting of snow on Mt.Wellington, bush tracks and birdsong. Hobart is a city of history, with gracious homes and buildings, colonial cottages and warehouse,heritage parks and gardens.

Trust's the best destination in the world.
Hobart is a city of bustling markets, fun, a flourishing arts scene,festival, and entertainment, and of fine restaurants. Savour Tasmania's superb cool-climate wines,famous beers, and delicious, fresh foods.

And it's a must  for chocoholics! Check out the famous Cadbury World Chocolate Factory Tours at Claremont.
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Tasmania is Australia's only island state.  It is a heart-shaped island of lush green valleys, uncrowded towns and villages and still undeveloped coastlines.  It is one of the world's most mountainous islands and while our peaks do not tower to great heights, they are unique in their serrated profile.  Geology reflects our connection millions of years ago to Antarctica, and one of the few places in the world where ancient dolorite rocks dominates the landscape.   Climate is mild and our rainfall regular.  The Roaring Forty winds that travel across the island bring with them the cleanest air in the world.  But in less than 300 kilometres the weather patterns change dramatically.  On the west coast the average rainfall is around three metres a year, while on the east coast it's less than 20 centimetres.
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