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Few travelers choose to stop at Karnabrunn when..
Aggsbach attracts only a small number of..
Few travelers choose to stop at Langenlois when..
Few travelers choose to stop at Raabs an der..
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Frankenfels is a hiking and leisure paradise at the foothills of the alps.

This municipality which is quite a few centuries old, is situated in the upper Pielach valley inmidst untouched nature, in a charming landscape of the Mostviertel.

The village has been awarded several times for its floridity and has its power supply from an organic heating plant - one of the many contributions to a healthy Frankenfels..

Numerous marked walking and hiking paths lead you to panoramic viewpoints in more than a 1000 m altitude - it´s from there where you will have a stunning view over the Ötscher mountain area.
465 m Elevation
2187 Inhabitants
Location: by a mountain, Riverside
The Nix cave is one of the most beautiful nature memorials and one of the most popular tourist attractions of Lower Austria.
Worth seeing is the stalactite cave, and the snowy mountains make an excursion an unforgettable event!

Guided tours from May the 1st until October 26th, on Sundays and public holidays, a pre-booking is required. Information at the community office Frankenfels at 02725/245.
Gemeindeamt Frankenfels
Markt 10
3213 Frankenfels, Austria
Tel.: +43(0)2725 245
Fax: +43(0)2725 24522
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Rows and rows of historic books fill the golden shelves in the library at the Stift Melk in Austria, Europe.

Book lovers would be amazed at the collection of historic books that line the shelves in the library at the Stift Melk in Austria, Europe. When you enter the library, the decor is breathtaking and tall book shelves tower above you filled with incredible historic books.A balcony above the first level has shelves where many more rows hold more of these rare books. Each book has gold colored inlay on the cover of the books and they too sparkle in the lighting of the library.Not only do the books glisten, but the entire interior of the library is done in gold and brown hues which also reflect the light. Students that attend school at the Stift Melk make full use of the library and can find their research in any of the approximate...
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the ascent to the mountain "Ötscher" is one of the best memories if you take the path "Rauher Kamm" (on the sign it says: "nur für Geübte") which is one of three possibilities to climb up ... calculate approx. 4 hours and dont be afraid of heights as well as have a sure grip on stone ... three hours of walking straight uphill through a steep forest, once you leave the tree region there´s one more hours of climbing a narrow cliff with signs at the side of the way remembering the ones who fell here, so don´t underestimate it ... once you made it, the view compensates for everything! Enjoy ... ;-)
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