Though Belize is actually part of Central America, it may seem to have more in common with its Caribbean neighbors. With the longest living barrier reef in the western hemisphere and the second longest contiguous reef in the world after Australia, Belize is a scuba diver’s haven. Popular locations include Ambergris Cay, at which the Hol Chan Marine Reserve contains a cut that acts like fish freeway with impressively large arrays of large fish, including groupers, barracudas and nurse sharks. Here, you will also find the famous Blue Hole in Lighthouse reef, an almost perfectly circular hole more than 1000 feet (305 metres) across and some 400 feet (123 metres) deep. Its perimeter is often patrolled by schools of sharks.

Every year from March to June, visiting the Gladden Cut near Placenica may catch you a sight of the giant whale sharks as part of their annual migration. Often compared to Costa Rica for its eco-conscious approach, over 40% of the country is preserved as parks and nature. Here you will find a mix of tropical forests, mysterious jungle cloaked mountains brimming with wildlife. Within these forests, visit the world’s only jaguar preserve, or gaze upon ancient Mayan temples.

Considered part of the southern Mayan Lowlands, several sites within Belize were historically significant. Caracol was the centre of one of the largest Mayan kingdoms, and was important during the classical period. Cerros, on the other hand, was the location of one of the earliest Mayan sites. Whether you’ve arrived aboard a cruise ship, or you’ve flown in to discover this friendly country, there is an amazing amount of biodiversity and scenery to take in.

Top Cities in Belize
Belize City is Belize's largest city, and the..
San Pedro attracts a decent number of travelers..
Situated in Western Belize, San Ignacio is one..
One mile west of Belize Barrier..
Belmopan isn't a popular stop for travelers..
Located on the island of Ambergris Caye, San..
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I'm thinking of going to Belize next April. I'm just wondering how much time I would need. I was thinking of 3,5 weeks (including 3 travel days). I'm just not sure if it would be too much. Will be diving and sailing for 4 days. Thought of going to see Caye Caulker, Placencia, San Ignacio, Caracol and Chan Chich or Rio Bravo NP.
What beliz like in mexico
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Travel Tips from people who've been to Belize
What an awesome town! Be sure to take a trip south to Hopkins to see the Swinging Armadillo Hammock lounge  - the best hammock hang-up anywhere. It's a short trip out to the cayes from here, and the snorkeling is great. But be forewarned - a lot of people in Belize, especially in smaller towns, are not morning people. Many don't even get up before noon, so finding breakfast can be hard. Pack some food!
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1. Tobacco Caye
2. Southwater Caye
3.  Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
And much more....

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I went to Half Moon Caye, Belize.  This is not to be confused with the Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas or Half Moon Bay in California. My friend Jill Bennett and me went to Belize in October 2005 for some Scuba Diving.  We had quite the adventure as we set out for a 5-dive trip on a boat from Caye Caulker to the Blue Hole.  Scuba Diving the Blue Hole was an experience in itself, descending to the 125-150 foot depths, being surrounded by sharks and finding air pockets built in the hole that we actually took breath from at depth.  But after the Blue Hold and after another beautiful dive, we ended up on Half Moon Caye to have lunch on the boat.  This Caye is actually a Natural Monument, National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary.  We went on land to explore the park and use the facilities.  It was here that I almost died.
While my scuba diving compadres were on the boat and my friend Jill was in the bathroom, I found myself somewhere in between, walking in the sand amongst the palm trees.  Suddenly, a crushing pain came across my left shoulder, side, and back.  I was dizzy.  My left side went numb!  My ears heard ringing and I thought I might pass out.  As I was trying to think straight and understand what had happened, a coconut rolled between my feet.  I had been hit by a coconut. Two inches right and it would have hit my head!  

As I looked around on the ground around me I suddenly realized that coconuts were all around.  These trees threw fruit at tourists pretty regularly as it appeared to me!

Lesson learned - if you end up on Half Moon Caye, Belize, beware of falling coconuts. 
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