One mile west of Belize Barrier Reef
 From North to South, 8.2 km (5 Miles)
25 - 2.0 km (0.15 - 1.2 miles)
Approximately 1,300
Mestizo, Garifuna, Creole
On early British maps the island's name is spelled "Cay Corker." Known historically for its endless supply of  fresh water at La Aguada, one of the theories holds that this island used to be  a favourite stop for sailors to replenish and cork water bottles.  The Caye Caulker Marine Reserve includes the turtle grass lagoon adjacent to the Caye Caulker Forest Reserve and the Belize Barrier Reef that runs parallel to the entire Caye, extending approximately a mile beyond the reef. Perfect place for snorkeling, scuba diving and  fishing.
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I'm pretty sure its really called Caye Caulker but this is the only listing they had. Stayed here for a weekend a couple of years ago so i don't know how much has changed. We arrived on a boat not knowing where to go and found a place called "Toms Hotel" Very simple, two story building, almost looks boarded up and closed. Very nice, clean rooms available for cheap . There were about twenty of us so I think we took up the whole hotel. After being in the jungle for a month this place was like heaven! Small town but very different feeling from the rest of the country. Beautiful! Good snorkling. Eat at Rasta Pasta.
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Make sure you bring enough money with you when you go to this Island to last you for your whole stay. We brought very little money as we knew there was a bank link but it wouldnt accept our lazer cards which were taken almost every where else we travelled. We had to cut our stay short and head back to mainland sooner then expected.
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caulker... not Great place to just relax.. and chill..... and great diving!!! and sunsets....  and lobster lol
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