Ladyville is not really a tourist destination, and it's among Belize's less visited places. Travelers passing through the area usually stick to more popular destinations such as Belize City. Know something about Ladyville? Please share what you know by adding to the Ladyville travel guide.
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Belize! I lived here for like 1 1/2 years for medical school. We lived in Los Lagos. Ladyville is on the out-skirts of Belize City. Its an okay kind of place. I would check out the Baboon Sanctuary, The Belize Zoo, Old Belize, and go Cave Tubing. All you gotta do is ask any local, they will let you know how and where to go. People are very friendly there. You can exchange your U.S. dollars easily for Belizian dollars with anyone. Much better exchange rate than at banks and stores! Make sure you check out those Mayan Ruins if you can. They are beautiful. Plus, if you get a chance, take a propeller plane from the airport, or go to downtown Belize City and take a motor boat to Caye Caulker and San Pedro (islands of the coast of Belize), trust me, you won't be sorry you went. Beautiful islands full of snorkeling, water skiing, diving, adventure sports, and much more. Don't forget to get your hair braided! Also, make sure not to miss an opportunity to go clubbing at the Princess's club in Belize City. Plus, make sure you try the national favorite "rice & beans & chicken!!!!!!!!!!!"
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