Hey, Ian Anderson writing, owner of Caves Branch Adventure Company and Jungle Lodge..

I would suggest you do at least the minimal research before you post such denigrating comments as you have..

Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is one of the top five destination lodges in the country.

To say that  " Caves Branch isn't really a tourist destination, and it's among Belize's less visited places. Travelers passing through the area most often stick to more well-known destinations"  is an outright "lie" totally inacurrate and leads us to believe that you are taking pay offs from competition to publish such trash. If not payoffs, then these initial comments show how totally inept and ill informed you and your website is.

The location you have marked as the caves branch location is actually 20 miles from where we are.

I would ask that if you are not capable to place accurate information on your site. to please remove us all together..

Thank you,

Ian Anderson.  
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