Ouagadougou's most well-known attractions include the Village Artisanal de Ouaga and Grand Marchet, and many people travel to Ouagadougou to enjoy its great shopping, street markets, and farms. It's really worth staying over for at least a day or two in Ouagadougou if you're traveling through Burkina Faso's Ouagadougou region, as Ouagadougou is one of Burkina Faso's more popular travel destinations. Take some time to explore this Ouagadougou travel guide and check out all the interesting stuff to see and do there.
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FAN ICE!!!!!  Seriously if you're heading to Ghana, Togo or Burkina Faso you have to get into fan ice.  It's a wonderful cold treat on a hot day and you can choose between fanice (like vanilla ice-cream), fanyogo (frozen yogurt, comes in strawberry, vanilla or natural) or fanchoco (frozen chocolate milk).  They are served in little plastic tubes that you bite one corner off and suck the contents out and they are unbelievably good.  You'll often see boys peddling white carts around the street honking horns- they are selling fanice products- stop them, you won't regret it!  It's also available in many of the small supermarkets in Ouagadougou.
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Ouagadougou capital du Burkina Faso pays en voie de développement. C'est une ville assez grande et très pauvre. Eviter de se promener seul et avec beaucoup d'argent sur soi. Aller dans les marchés vous découvrirer la culture de l'Afrique noir et leur sens de l'acceuille. Négocié tous car c'est un signe de repect et c'est aussi un moyen d'économiser beaucoup d'argent car vous êtes touiste donc les prix sont automatiquement augmenté d'environ 2/3! 
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The laid back capital of western Africa, like Bobo, a good place to relax a bit. 

If you like (foreign) film: check to see if the Panafrican Film and Television Festival (FESPACO) isn't being held.

If you want to splash out a bit on a fancy dinner: L'Eau Vive, a restaurant runned bij some nice nuns.
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