First populated by the Batwa, a semi-nomadic pygmy group that continues to inhabit the mountain forests, the small mountainous country of Burundi is sometimes known as the heart of Africa. Unfortunately though, Burundi has been immersed in a civil war between the Tutsi and the Hutu ethnic groups for many years, and though there is some hope for reconciliation, be sure to proceed to this country with caution. Burundi is bordered by Lake Tanganika on the east, and features a number of lakes, amongst which the lakes of Cohoha, Rweru, and particularly Lake Rwihinda, known as “Lakes of the Birds,” are a bird watcher’s paradise that can be explored by canoe. The city of Gitega is another worthwhile stop, where you can see drummers beat out rhythms in accompaniment to traditional songs and dance. To learn more about the country’s history, a number of museums can be visited in Bujumbura, the country’s capital.

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Few travelers choose to stop at Bujumbura when..
Few travelers make their way to Bujumbura when..
Rutana receives very few travelers, and it's..
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Try the Belvedere Restaurant: excelent French cuisine and a great view of the lake.
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On Saga beach, there is a caged baby gorilla and a chimpanzee that seems to be ill. So those of us who don't manage to do gorilla tracking in Rwanda, Congo or Uganda, or navigate the difficult forests in these countries to see the chimpanzees, here's a way to see them. But be aware that it is rather distressing to see these animals caged and suffering in this way. As if this was not enough, local children often come around and poke these souls with sticks, throw stuff at them, and generally torment them. It is another matter that the baby gorilla often outsmarts them - snatching their stick from them or turning its ass on them - but the scene is generally cruel. It is another cruel irony, of course, that the children who torment the gorilla are often themselves tormented - impoverished, hungry and tattered. When I wanted to feed the gorilla with a banana, I couldn't help noticing that the children there too were eyeing the banana as hungrily as the gorilla. It is a sad irony, the way our world is.
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In my opinion, the Bujumbura central market is the best place in the world to shop for clothes. Wear your purse so that you can hold it in front of you all the time. Keep an eye on your money but show a friendly face and you will have a blast! I shopped there 2-3 times a week for 6 months and never had anyone try to snatch my purse.
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On Saga beach, there is a caged baby gorilla and a chimpanzee that seems to be ill... (More)
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