Kampot isn't a particularly well-known destination within Cambodia, but it does receive a few travelers, most of whom make a brief stop to see the Rabbit Island. Generally, travelers visiting the area tend to stick to more popular destinations such as Phnum Penh. If you do travel to Kampot, please take some time to tell us about what you saw in this Kampot travel guide.
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Stay longer in Kampot. My favorite place in Cambodia. It's slow, it's charming, it's nice place to stay. Sitting on a Sap river, right between Kep and Sihanoukville, surrounded by salt and pepper fields! caves and small villages. You can find your western bubble if you want, a lot of westerners fell in love with the place and opened restaurants and guest houses. If you crave bubble after heavy Phnom Penh, stay at Boghi Villa right on the river across New Bridge, great bar, great atmosphere, great ppl, we haven't stay with them, but we sure come for a drink or 5 at night. For food, if you crave western food, I'd recommend Rusty Keyhole, nice, chill place on a river front, close to Old Bridge. Now, after 2 days, you'll get your Mojo back stoled by Phnom Penh before and you would want to eat locally and sleep locally. For guest house I'd recommend NYNY, right across the street from Blissful guesthouse (great for beer and brieakfast), $7/night, clean, hot shower, HBO, great ppl, very helpful, get a scooter, manual one, you'll save a lot on gas. For food, our favorite soup noodle place is on the river side, right after old bridge there is a street vendor, you'll see smiling woman working in green pijamas and her doter frying banas, great food, stock is amazing, bananas are crack-cocane, suger cane juice is right there as well, we had breakfast there everyday, she invited us to a wedding as well (wedding are everyday in Kampot and they will be happy to have you there) for dinner, go straight after old bridge (after 7PM) and you'll see street vendors on the right and left, stop at left one with Blue chairs (this is important), you'll see woman in tight up dress with shoulder pads, order rice soup with marinated garlic on the side and if you are adventurous enough get a duck eggs (5 week old fetus), also you've got to try Kampot Pepper, best place is Chinese restaurant right on the corner of the Old bridge, any Pepper seafood is amazing! Visit pepper farms, salt fields, Bokor mountain is just ok, Caves are nice, make sure to hire local kids as a guide ($1), Kep is 30 min away, don't even think to visit Sihanoukville on your scooter, torcher... Jump to the river from Railroad bridge with local kids, everyday from 2-5PM, visit orphanage Aspeca and you'll be healed and touched. We came there for 3 days and stay for 2 weeks. For more, visit riceandbeets.tumblr. Ask me anything!
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Kampot is one of the most dull places in Cambodia...
I booked a trip to Kampot in Siem Reep, when i arrived in my hotel called the seaside view hotel i found out that the sea is 15 km away:)
It was very dirty, compare to the rest of the country!
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Bike-ride across the town bridge and take a right along the river to a little sunday hangout, for a nice cooling dip between the round rocks, very relaxed! Amazingly painted temples when you cross the river and go left.
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Stay longer in Kampot. My favorite place in Cambodia. It's slow, it's charming,.. (More)
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