Few travelers make their way to Bedford when visiting Canada, and those that do usually only make a brief stop to see the Pete's Frootique. Other destinations such as Halifax may be more interesting to visit in the area. Know something about Bedford? Help us out by adding your favorite spots to this Bedford travel guide.
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If you're looking to get out of the city (Halifax) for a day Bedford is close, and offers lots of outdoor activities. Park at Dewolf Park and take a walk along the water front until you reach Shore Drive. Follow this coastal road all the way into Eaglewood subdivision until you reach the entrance of Eagle's Rock Park. Climb to the top of this rock-faced cliff and you'll find an amazing view of HRM. Great places to eat are Pete's Frootique food court (The Sushi Place and Presto are the best), and Il Mercato in Sunnyside Mall.
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