Host of the 2008 Olympics, Beijing is China's capital, and also considered one of the four Great Ancient Capitals of China. Beijing, the capital of the North (as opposed to Nanjing, the capital of the South),is located between Manchuria industrial area on the North East, Mongolian Plateau on the North, and the Chan-si region, rich in coal reserves, on the West. It has expended in a circular manner around its original centre, the Imperial city with the famous Forbidden City and Tian’anmen Square . The city is now composed of 5 ring areas delimited by circular expressways (road ring # 6 is being built). Its first became the capital in the 15th century and is now established as the official political and intellectual capital of China . Its cultural treasures include well preserved paste vestiges as well as modern architectural masterpieces (Opera house, Bird nest stadium etc…).
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How is the weather like in Hong Kong and Beijing in March? Is it ok to travel or will I be freezing my a** off?
I would be traveling to Beijing for a week and have planned extensively for the travel.I've a question to my fellow travellers here. Is it worth spending an evening Beijing Opera and a KungFu show ?? i love exploring local culture and customs but will i be able to follow a chinese Opera ? Please pour in the suggestions.. Prathibha
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You gotta see the Forbidden City and venture out to see the Great Wall. It might be better now, but when I was there 5 years ago nobody spoke any English and everyone wanted to take pictures of us cause we looked so different. It can be a bit off putting at the start but you find out that the locals are really friendly. I recoomend finding an English speaking local tour guide and get them to introduce you to people. After that it's great!
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Always carry a card with the name of your destination and name of your hotel written in Chinese to show taxi drivers. Almost none of them will speak English.
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If you are a light-haired westerner, do not be surprised if Chinese locals come up asking to have a photo taken with you!  I am blonde and was asked to pose with families, children, infants, and individuals quite often.  I found that people wanted the most photos around the Tianamen Square area.
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