Shanghai is the largest city in China and, with a population of over twenty million, one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world.

Originally a fishing and textiles town, located at the mouth of the Yangtze River on China ’s central eastern coast, Shanghai grew to importance during the 19th century due to its favourable port location being opened to foreign trade by the Treaty of Nanking in 1842.  The city flourished rapidly as a centre of international trade between east and west and, by 1930, had become a hub of finance and business.

As a result of economic reforms, which led to vast development and financing, by 2005 Shanghai had become the world’s largest cargo port.

The city is also an important tourist centre, famous for its many historical landmarks, including The Bund and the City God Temple.

Shanghai now the largest centre of commerce and finance in China and has been called ’the showpiece of the world’s fastest growing major economy’.
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I'm thinking in going to China in November? Did someone travel there in that month? What about the weather? Thanks
I'll be in Shangai from 3 to 11 April. What kind of weather is it like there?
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For a unique experience, take the magnetic levetation train from Pudong to the airport. This is about a 10-15 minute taxi ride from Grand Hyatt, St. Regis or Shangri-La and the train itself takes but 8 minutes to the airport once you hit the 400 km per hour top speed. Fun.
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get yourself a Shanghai Public Transportation Card (costs 30 RNB) which you can top up at most metro stations in Shanghai. It's a lot more convenient as you don't need to buy a single ticket each time you use public transport. It also works on buses and taxis
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Getting screwed in Shanghai. Not if you take care of yourself.
  • From the airport to town. You may take a taxi, costing you 400 RMB or a little less. Convinient and you know the price.
  • From the airport to town. Take the Maglev train, going 300 km p/h. However at the end you still need to go 6 km to town. Taxi drivers are waiting for you, offering the trip for about 80 RMB. However, once you are there the price is suddenly 420 RMB. Just tell them 'shall we go to the police, give them a 100 RMB biljet and leave. The screw you.
  • Avoid all 'hawkers' on Nanjing road, offering 'shopping', watches and after asking if you want 'young girls'. Read the stories about it on Internet. Girls are offered for 100 RMB, however, you go there by taxi and after you have to pay 30.000 RMB, about 3.500 Euro and get beaten up. Read the stories of persons who experienced this. Don't do this kind of stupid things. At the end of the story, it's illegal in China and you can not go to the police.
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