Bogota is one of Colombia's top travel destinations. If you're planning a trip to Colombia, you should definitely consider traveling to Bogota to experience its world-class museums, parks, and churches. In particular, the Monserrate, Museo de Oro, and Usaquen are all highly recommended if you travel to Bogota. But there's a lot more to check out in Bogota, so be sure to look around the Bogota travel guide in more detail.
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Has anyone ever been to bogota
Flying to Bogota and changing flights. So, staying ion the city from 9am till 5pm. Any cool places to visit and eat, close to the airport?
I'm in Bogota for a 5-days biz travel with few time for sightseeing and leisure, anything I must focus?
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I think that the Museo del Oro (Gold museum) is a must to see. A huge variety of old golden tools and jewellery!
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Amo a Bogotá Colombia, es un sitio donde te puedes maravillar con cultura, alegría, excelentes restaurantes y ante todo una ciudad abierta al que es o no es Colombiano.


Si quieres disfrutar Bogotá, relájate, abre tu mente, y ante todo consigue un o una buena guía y descubriras una ciudad de la que dificilmente vas a querer abandonar.

Mis lugares favoritos en Bogotá, muchos, muchos, pero no dejes de visitar el restaurante AQUI EN SANTA FE,para un buen café y una buena charla nada mejor que LA MONTANA ES VIDA, para bailar,SALOME.

Ahora de museos,a la altura de los mejores del mundo,esta el MUSEO DEL ORO,EL MUSEO DE ARTE MODERNO Y para deleitarse con buena arquitectura, desde la iglesia se SAN FRANSISCO hasta LA BIBLIOTECA VIRGILIO VARGAS.

Bueno, otro restaurante, CLUB COLOMBIA en la zona rosa, y por supuesto EL PARQUE DE LA 93.

Así que empaca y a gozar BOGOTA

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Use your credit card or ATM for a better exchange rate, there are plenty all around and it's much easier than finding an exchange besides the ones at the airport. Taxi's are cheap and the buses (a huge highlight) are super cheap but take someone who knows the city and language when you venture on the bus. Easy city to walk around and if you use the public transportation quick and cheap. Loved it. Great nightlife, but learn the rumba before you go and you'll shine.
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Best hostel in Bogota: Masaya, in the old town (la candelaria)
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I'm in Bogota for a 5-days biz travel with few time for sightseeing and leisure,.. (More)
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andres carnes de res, el mejor lugar para comer y rumbiar en bogota, existe dos uno.. (More)
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