Not too many travelers make their way to Cook Islands when visiting Cook Islands. Those that do usually go to see the Atiu. Otherwise travelers visiting the area generally stick to more well-known destinations such as Rarotonga. If you do travel to Cook Islands, please take some time to tell us about what you saw in this Cook Islands travel guide.
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You need to get a drivers license from the main police station. You can pick a car up from the airport without one, but you should get one the following day in case you are stopped by the police. If you plan to go regularly, get a ten year license and you’re done, obviously it's more expensive, but works out cheaper on a 'per year' basis and you don't have the hassle everytime you go. You need to present your home country license when making the application.
If you don't have a motorcycle license and want one, the police will conduct a test, which seems to involve making sure you know how to handle the machine and driving round the block!
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Make sure you stay more than 5 days. The weather is pretty unpredictable! 
Don't stay at the main island, take a trip to the smaller islands, it's a once in a lifetime upportunaty!
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Very friendly Island. Try and find Maria's if its still open. Maria & Exham were the best hosts going.
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You need to get a drivers license from the main police station. You can pick a car.. (More)
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