Prague is a magic city. It is known as the city of a "hundred spires" and "the golden city". It is the capital of the Czech Republic, situated on the river Veltava. Beautiful Gothic, baroque, secession facades make the walking through the city an incredible architectural and historical experience.

Since 1992 the historic center of Prague has been included in the UNESCO, and the List of Heritage Sites.  It is a cultural center of Europe. Because of a lot of various concerts that are organized in Prague, the city is a capital of music. Numerous museums and galleries make sure that you will never be bored.

Prague is also the city of beer. Pubs with various, traditional beers are everywhere!  Prague is definitely a place worth visiting.

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Avoid taxicabs unless you know how much a fare should be from one place to another.  Negotiate this price in advance.
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Beautiful city...ignore the modern parts of the city and wander about the historic parts. Make sure you visit the old Jewish cemetery and the Castle.  Christmas especially is a beautiful time to visit the city, since you have christmas markets on each square and market.
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If you plan to be in Prague in early summer, ahead of time, try find out about the performing arts festival with visiting troupes and groups from all over Europe and the Czech Republic. It is a time when this wonderful city seems even more magical than ever. We saw several performances (tickets are available last minute for those who stumble onto the festival as we did). Among the best was an English company that performed a dramatized version of Canterbury Tales. It was a rollicking delight.
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