Guayaquil is Ecuador's most populated city, and the country's commercial hub.  Most of companies are headquartered in this city.  While its Guayacil is more known for its commerce than its culture, the city is working on changing the image with a number of restoration projects.  Popular places to visit include the Malecon - a boardwalk along the river, Parque Centenario - the largest park in the city, Bahia - a popular marketplace for toys, and Mercado Artesanal, the largest artisan market in the city.  Guayaquil is situated along its namesake, the Guayas River.  It is also one of the two departure points (the other being Quito) to the Galapagos Islands.
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I have lived here for almost ten years, so I will never forget how amazing it is there! Still miss it! The people there are very kind and inviting, but I recommend you NOT going by yourself at night on the street, it can and does get criminal especially downtown! If you want some "downtime" to unwind, go to the beach called Salinas (not Playas!), it is about a 2 hour drive but so worth it. Also, go to Quito and visit the equator! If you're going to Quito be sure to drive by the Devil incarved in the mountains on your way there! Don't forget, Quito is a lot colder! Always divide/put your money on different places of your boby (so you always have some cash if something were to happen) and always look out for your belongings!
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It gets very hot here so bring the aeroguard and be careful of mosquitos, they still have yellow fever outbreaks in Guayaquil, so make sure you get your shots before going.  Head to Salinas (beach area) to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, outside Guayaquil, some of the better beaches in Ecuador with white sand, not the grotty grey sand.  It can also get dangerous on the streets, so be savvy!
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The Malecon 2000 is a really nice place to spend the afternoon in Ecuador. it is about 3 kilometers long and has shopping and food. nice river views as well. for a nice way to let loose and have fun, go to the Captain Morgan cruise dock and take an evening cruise for 2 hours that is open bar, disco, and open air. $12 for males $10 for females. lots of fun and great nighttime views of the city
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Visit the (small) national museum, to see the shrunken heads. (More)
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