Dhahab's most visited attraction is the Blue Hole. It also has some pretty nice beaches and scuba diving, and a decent number of travelers making their way through Egypt stop by Dhahab to check them out. Take a look at this Dhahab travel guide to find out more about things to see and do there.
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HI! planing a trip to Dahab in November, can anyone recommend a good (cheap) place to stay, that has a friendly dive center and a easy access to the reef in front for some 1st and 2nd day snorkeling? Penguin Village is my suspicion, but looking for a second opinion.. peace..
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I stayed here in september 2002 for a few days in the Happy Life resort. A remote place, about a 20 minutes drive outside Dahab (dirt road - pick up truck driving!) Resort was great, very nice diving and snorkling spots very close to its beach. Nice coral and sealife, compared to places like Hurghada. Nice people as well and the town itself had a hippy-like atmosphere. It was more thai-island like then egyptian/arabic. Having your dinner at the beach with your feet in the sand rules ;-)  If you like diving, snorkling and relaxing go here. Buy your bottle of alcohol at the chinese restaurant (the other restaurants don't serve, but don't mind you drinking...)
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From Fethiye you can rieach it (this minibus is only 3-4
times a day). it takes about 1 hour
and you reach the top of the valley. there's very nice
place there  called George House. You can eat breakfast there (very nice, organic food) and go down to the valley later on around noon. it's about 20 minutes to go down, a little bit difficult (especially with big backpack) but still
ok if you are carefull. many people are going up and down
everyday. i'll stay down in the valley just by the sea
until sunday evening and go up again, have dinner and go back to Fethiye to catch my bus back to izmir which is around 23:30 or 24:00.

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Brilliant place to kick back, unless you're a diver.

The dive shops are on the beach (such as it is). We walked fifty feet with our gear, floated it out to the edge of the reef (another 150 feet), geared up and dropped off the edge of a 60 foot shear reef wall.

All the restaurants are within walking distance and the variety and price ranges suit anyone.

Friendly people, good food and great diving (you have to dive the eel garden. Accommodations are iffy in some spots. Cheap isn't necessarily better. Search around for deals and you'll do fine.

Highly recommended.
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HI! planing a trip to Dahab in November, can anyone recommend a good (cheap) place.. (More)
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