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Travel Tips for Transportation in El Salvador

San Salvador, San Salvador Region, El Salvador
San Salvador is quite an interesting place and an excellent starting point if you want to travel around El Salvador.  Also, by choosing to go to El Salvador, you have already guaranteed yourself a rather cheep trip.  San Salvador is certainly a third world city, but so long as there's sunlight and you watch your wallet carefully and don't walk down any obviously scary allies, you'll be alright.
San Salvador is the capital of El Salvador and is home of the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Holy Savior (Catedral Metropolitana de San Salvador).  The cathedral is an amazing spectacle and is best known for the tragic assassination of the world famous Archbishop Romero.
There is plenty to do in San Salvador and you can travel to anywhere in the country from the capital.  There are many things you can do, whether you want to see the condition in which the majority of the world lives in, go shopping, see Mayan ruins, or go zip-lining, San Salvador will make sure you get there.  San Salvador is also in the area where the location where the airport is located, making it easy to reach the capital.  Just one short taxi ride and you're there.
If you go to San Salvador, then you gotta watch you wallet and so long as you keep your wits about you, you'll be fine.  Oh, and when you cross the street in San Salvador, be careful.  One of our group members nearly got killed because she lacked the common sense that the drivers always have the right of way.  Good thing the driver barely stopped in time, although the car did knock her over.
It may sound intimidating, but it's really not that bad.  When you are looking for a hotel, pick one that has a security guard carrying a shotgun and there'll be no problem.  Also, if you wanna go out at night, there's always a cool club somewhere and the locals are quite friendly.  Oh and the most important thing is the Salvadorian famous pupusa!  They are so delicious!!
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El Sunzal, Western Pacific coast, El Salvador
Why you should NOT go to El Sunzal at all:
1) No drinkable water, the water here is unsafe to drink even after it is boiled.
2) No grocery store, you will starve in this town if you don't BYO like I did for one night.
3) NO decent accommodation. This place is for hippie surfers and the real rooms are kept for them. Dorm rooms are the block houses with no screens, no water, no internet, half the light bulbs burned out, a camp stove (la cocina), and fewer pieces of cutlery than there are dorm beds in one room.
4) The above is high priced for how crappy it is.
5) "One" bus per day through this town, as I was told by the bus driver.
6) Mosquitoes swarm on you and your room has no screens. Not all the beds have mosquito nets. Sleep well!
7) Internet does not work in the common area or in the dorms. It's an exclusive privilege of the hippie surfers in the main building that dorm tenants may not enter. What was my $10 paying for again? I am writing this sitting in the dark outside the building I'm not allowed in with no power outlet under a tree that is dripping water onto my keyboard.
8) The hippie surfers leave half the dishes in the bottom of the sink unwashed for days. I love the smell of fermented oatmeal in the morning.
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El Salvador
beautiful-el-salvador.com/El-Salvador-travel-tips.html-beautiful-el-salvador.com/El-Salvador-travel-tips.html-http://www.explore-beautiful-el-salvador.com/El-Salvador-travel-tips.html El Salvador Travel Tips on Safety
First of all, just follow your common sense. If an area or a situation does not appear safe, don't go, avoid it or get out of it ASAP - common sense does go a long way DO NOT hitch hike! Hitch hiking is not recommended under any circumstances
Try to leave all your fancy gadgets at home but if you must take them with you, leave them back at the beautiful-el-salvador.com/ElSalvadorHotels.html-hotel , many of them have safety boxes available for guests If you must take your cell phone with you, don't show it off, use it while on the bus or get too distracted. Someone might snatch it and run off with it
Don't wear gold jewelry when you're out and about in public areas (specially in downtown San Salvador) , they attract thieves - it's best to just leave them at home Remember that tourists are a target everywhere, so do not attract undue attention and if you must ask someone something - be aware of who you ask (a person's appearance says a lot) Domestic bus services are available, but they can be confusing. The buses will usually be very crowded and this makes riders a target for pick-pocketing If you happen to become a victim of this, it is better to let the petty thief run away with a little than to fight with them, it's not worth it Longer bus rides (those going to the interior) are much safer but you should still be aware of your surroundings
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