Few travelers choose to stop at Naantali when traveling to Finland, and those that do often go to see the Muumimaailma. Those traveling through the area most often go to more well-known destinations such as Turku and Helsinki. If you've been to Naantali, help us make this Naantali travel guide better by adding your favorite spots!
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It has some of the beast beach bars I've seen in the whole of Finland and is also a famous sailing town. The place to be if you want to have a drink by the beach with an amazing view.
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While visiting the Muumimaailma  don't forget to buy postcards and stamps from the souvenir shop representing the cute world of Muminies.
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Great for families, Moomin world for kids, design and decoration shops and restaurants also to make adults happy!
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While visiting the Muumimaailma don't forget to buy postcards and stamps from the.. (More)
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