Ronchamp attracts only a small number of travelers, who mostly stop for a short visit to see the Notre Dame Du Haut. Travelers visiting the area might want to check out some more popular nearby destinations. If you do travel to Ronchamp, please add your favorite spots in this Ronchamp travel guide.
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The only interesting thing to visit here is the Church of Notre-Dame du Haut (1954).
It's one of the last work of the great architect Le Corbusier, an unicum in all his career.
Light, air, nature are mystically mixed to create a space that vibrates through a game of colours and shapes which make this architecture emotional.
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Après avoir vu le lion et les fortifications de Belfort, la petite demi heure de voiture vers Ronchamp peut valoir le coup pour y voir la spectaculaire "cathédrale" de Lecorbusier
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