Bayeux is a well-known travel destination in France. Many people travel to Bayeux to enjoy its great museums, monuments, and churches. It's definitely worth staying over for at least a day or two in Bayeux if you're traveling through France's Lower Normandy region. Popular attractions include the La Tapisterie de Bayeux (Bayeux Cathedral) and Omaha Beach. Explore this Bayeux travel guide to find out more about all the interesting things to see and do there.
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Bayeux is the perfect spot from where you can visit the D-Day sites and of course it is in itself worth a visit. It has everything you might need as a tourist, campings, numerous hotels, good restaurants and a few really nice sites. Don't forget to visit the Tapestery, even though it is a bit expensive (I paid 7,80 euro) it is well worth a visit.

It also has a really good tourist information centre in the middle of the old town where they can provide any kind of information and help arrange visits to the landing sites, very handy if you don't have you're own transport.

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Bring your sanitizer wipes when viewing the Bayeux tapestry. The little hand held tour guide things are greased up with foundation and sweat. lovely on a particularly warm day. Also it helps to not go out drinking the night before you visit in regards to retention of the actual history. at least it was pretty...
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small town close to the beaches that the allied forces used on d-day. nice place to stay while you vist the american cemetary and the different beaches and where the german guns were once placed and thier wreckage are still there to be seen by every body.
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Bayeux is the perfect spot from where you can visit the D-Day sites and of course.. (More)
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