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670 km South-East of Paris , Avignon is accessible by TGV from Paris in 2.5 hours. This ancient city of the Popes (1309-1377), located on the left bank of Rhone river, Avignon became a New Rome and benefited from the cultural influences of the Italian “Renaissance”. Avignon has many palaces, churches, a university and various monuments. One of the most impressive is the “Palais des Papes”. Today, Festival d’Avignon brings to the city thousands of people attracted by theatre, dance and artistic productions. The “In festival” with famous actors occurs in prestigious places (Cour d’Honneur du Palais des Papes, Carrière Boulbon, …), while the “Off festival” offers less known works and takes place all over the city. In 2008 more than 800 plays were presented. It attracts international productions and audiences.
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Avignon, city of the Popes, is also famous for its bridge. Thus, you need to visit the bridge, the Popes Palace and the walls. If you can, try to make it during the Theatre festival, when the city is alive with activity!
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Avignon is the capital of the Vaucluse département. It is situated on the left bank of the Rhône, a few miles above its confluence with the Durance, about 580 km (360 m.) south-south-east of Paris, 143 m. south of Lyon and 85 km (55 m.) north-north-west of Marseille. Its coordinates are 43°57N, 4°50E. Avignon occupies a large oval-shaped area, not fully populated and covered in great part by parks and gardens.   Avignon is subject to violent winds, of which the strongest is the mistral. The popular proverb is, however, somewhat exaggerated, Avenie ventosa, sine vento venenosa, cum vento fastidiosa (windy Avignon, pest-ridden when there is no wind, wind-pestered when there is).  
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la antigua ciudad del Papa Aviñón fue residencia de los papas en 1309, cuando la ciudad se encontraba bajo el gobierno de los reyes de Sicilia pertenecientes a la Casa de Anjou. En 1348, el papa Clemente VI la compró a la reina Juana I de Sicilia y permaneció como propiedad papal hasta 1791 cuando fue incorporada al resto de Francia durante la Revolución Francesa.
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