A decent number of travelers choose to make their way out to Koblenz when traveling through Germany. Koblenz has some nice monuments and castles, and its most well-known attraction, the Festung, could be worth a visit. Check out this Koblenz travel guide for more ideas on what to see and do, as it can be worth a stopover.
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If you like wine and fireworks best time to go to direction Koblenz is in September. There's a wine-festival where many local wines can be tasted. It takes place in St. Goarshausen, which is situated south to Koblenz, right next to the Rhine. The wine-festivities last one week and at the last day (Saturday, I think) there is this gigantic firework known as "Rhein in Flammen" (Rhine in flames). It's absolutely amazing and best: it's free. However, you should be early to find a nice place from where to watch the firework at night. If you've got too much money ;) you can buy a ticket to watch it from a ship.
(Note: There's also a Rhein in Flammen next to Bonn)
You will love it!
This year: 17. - 20. September (NExT WEEKEND!)
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Take the cruise that connectis Koblenz to Koln/Bonn... very scenic...

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Pretty well known, but perhaps not famous, is the "Deutsche Eck": The point where Rhine and Mosel meat. Nice View.
Guys: There's a automobile museum in which you might be interested. If I remember correctly (sorry, I'm a girl and my  interest in cars is no more than moderate) it's about German cars like Audi (former: Horch), Wartburg (doesn't exist anymore) ...
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Koblenz hat eine sehr schöne Altstadt.
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Very cool little town on the Rhine Valley road. There is so much to see up and.. (More)
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When you ever visit this industrial city, do not forget to visit the large statue.. (More)
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