Located across the harbour from Tsim Sha Tsui on Hong Kong Island, Central is the main business district of Hong Kong, and it is also where most financial services businesses and governments have their headquarters.  Central is also home to Lan Kwai Fong, a popular expat hangout spot.
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Ahh, THE Hong Kong experience.  Though Hong Kong can be a bit hazy, it’s still worth it to head up to the Peak to get a panoramic view of the city.  It’s not the tallest point in HK, but the new multi-story tall observation tower bumps up the viewing height a few more hundred metres.  There’s an extra fee of $20HKD to get up to the observation tower beyond the cost of the tram ride, but definitely you get a better view.  It’s a totally different experience at night so you may want to factor in two visits – or failing that, I’d more recommend going at night than during the day.  If you have plenty of time, allow enough time to go on some of the peak trails that weave around the mountain top.  Some of the circuits can take a few hours to complete.
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Pequeño y atiborrado. Caminar es una obligación porque en pocos metros está todo. En un sólo edificio puede haber residencias, centros comerciales, supermercados y carnicerías. Ruecuerdo haber ido a una carniceeríoa ubikcada en un 5º o 6º piso. Fascinante.
Tomar el tranvía de dos pisos es un placer obligado, también, más por lo hermoso y entretenido del paseo que por necesidad de transporte.

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I highly reccomend a trip to Hong Kong, especially when you can stay at the Ritz Carlton.  And I cannot forget the free beer, while waiting for a suit to be stitched together by hand, enough to be fitted to me in 20-30 mins, then completely ready 24 hours later.
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