This is the southernmost coastal hamlet of the country and the only one without a harbour. The flat, black beach south of the village was declared one of the 10 most beautiful island beaches of the world by the Iceland  Magazine. Amphibious vehicles were used for deep sea angling, fishing and highly interesting sightseeing tours along the coastline all the way to the country's southernmost point, Dyrholaey.

This activity was discontinued, but is on offer at the farm Dyrholaey, a bit further west. There is also Travel Café Tourist Information Centre . Large bird breeding colonies are on both sides of the village, arctic terns, puffins, guillemots, fulmars, kittiwakes etc. There are many other possibilities for recreation in Vik and its surroundings, bird watching, hiking, glacier tours etc. If you are travelling to the west from Vik, you should take a look at the current road and weather conditions on Moorland Vikurskard.

The distance from the capital is 192 km.
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Don't forget to see the black beach.
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