Home to an impressive 17 508 islands including New Guinea island, which features the largest island peak and one of the seven summits of the world. Indonesia is also the world’s largest archipelagic state. Over 150 active volcanoes inhabit Indonesia around which are a host of plants and animals that make Indonesia the second most biodiverse country after Brazil. Species sharing the country include tigers, rhinoceros, orangutans, leopards and the Komodo dragon.   There is also great marine diversity to be found at sites like Bunaken National Marine Park (, known for its diving.  Indonesia is equally diverse ethnically, with over 300 ethnic groups whose traditions are reflected throughout the region, from traditional Javanese and Balinese dances, to Hindu temples and beautiful mosques. Major islands in Indonesia include Bali, the artistic island with beautiful beach resorts and spectacular diving, Java, with its range of active volcanoes, and Sumatra, with its mostly untouched wilderness and diverse wildlife. While Indonesia has suffered from extensive logging, over 60% of the country is still forested, leaving much worth preserving and discovering in this wild and splendid place.blablablabla
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I'm going to Indonesia for three weeks, any tips?
Why did you visit Indonesia (Jakarta, Bali Island, Bunaken Sea Park, others)?
Indonesia for two months, starting January 1st. What should I do and see? I'm not into the tourist things, more backpacking with beautiful beaches and small backpacker resorts, good fishing and nightlife.
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Well what can I say.  Was an interesting place didn't really go the narrow streets etc.  Was quite a dirty place.  However if anyone ever heads that way the tours were excellent especially the Kintamani volcano Tour and the Monkey Forest and Temples Tour.  Be wary if offered a friendship bracelet or the like as my friend and I were ripped off $280AUD each the first day we were there if you do find yourself in this situation and not knowing the value of their Money all you need to do is say the word police and they back right off.  Great weather, really hot.  We stayed in Kuta at cheap accommodation but if you go there i  would recommend going for something around the 3.5 - 4 star mark as the accommodation we had was only 2.5 star and the sheets were washed daily but they were kinda brown and blood on the walls of our unit.  Kuta Beach was lovely but they have a lot of people selling stuff that tend to hound you.  lol.  The shopping absolutely amazing and very cheap.  We were offered drugs by some guys we didn't take them neither of us were into that but however if you are game to purchase off of them do be warned that as soon as you buy it they go to cops and report you then you have the balinese police on your back.    Overall was a great place especially the tours,  kids ride moped thingees to school and the balinese drive crazy.........yes there were times we thought we weren't goin to make it back to NZ.  Was a real eye opener for us.  These people work so hard for so little.
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The doorway of Bali but not the heart. Unless you're in Bali for the night life avoid the area and go somewhere more interesting. Ubud is the next city and more relaxed (but more expensive). Keep your anti mozzie creams/sprays/oils ready! If you visit the area then remember prices are inflated for tourists. 200.000 is typically bargainable to 30-40.000. Every time a tourist doesn't bargain the more liberties the sellers take with the next person and the more locals get priced out of the island - indirectly killing the tourist industry. Has been quiet since the Bali bombings which makes it ideal for a more relaxing holiday. Good for both straight and gay travellers.
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Balikpapan is recognized also with title oil town. If You resided in plane that is soon land in Balikpapan, hence from the air will seen a lot of oil conveyor ships reside in the beach whereas a number of oil bridges seen to stand up steady in the beach. Refinery Balikpapan located in edge of 'Teluk Balikpapan' cover area with 2,5 km width. This factory processed crude oil functioned to become ready products in marketing that is 'BBM' and 'Non BBM' for requirement of east Indonesia area. Because this oil, Balikpapan has developed become going forward town with various and modern town facilities. Sepinggan International Airlines and Hajji Embarkation becomes indicator for Balikpapan as very onward town in Kalimantan. Various star hotels five and restaurants international class made available in this town. As a modern town, Balikpapan also crowded with activity of entertainment amusement. Balikpapan City is commercial area where various hotels, restaurant and shop resided. Balikpapan Shopping Centre is residing in street between Sudirman Street and Ahmad Yani Street that is have become one of city symbol.

So come and visit Balikpapan.
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