Few travelers choose to stop at Ancol when traveling to Indonesia, and those that do often go to see the Dufan. Those traveling through the area most often go to more well-known destinations such as Jakarta and Bali. If you've been to Ancol, help us make this Ancol travel guide better by adding your favorite spots!
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The easiest and the funniest way to go to Ancol is by taking a bus way (though you can only access this during the day). Take any bus way connection to Kampung Melayu, and from that there is one direct connection to go to Ancol. Moreover, it is cheapest, you pay only 3,500 IDR, and it is faster.
Once I took my twin 'devil' nieces for  swimming to Ancol Beach. We went by bus way, and for kids under 5 years old, you pay half-price only. The twin seemed to enjoy the trip very much. Their eyes lingering a long the road, looking for the scenery outside the windows. I love the big and wide windows, cause it gives me a senses of being in an open area (though I am inside the bus). I don't like being inside a very small room. It takes almost half an hour as the bus had to stop in some places.  But overall i t was a good trip. The bus will stop inside Ancol area, and from that there is a free-connection bus that will take you to your destination; Ancol beach, Dufan, etc. Try  to go to Ancol by busway!
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Tips before u go to ANCOLS
its a nite life outdoor entertainment so dun forget to bring
enough bodyguards for a safety reason:> also bring ID in case police caught u on Nite inspection
and dun take any drugs or mariyuaana coz its nt gud 4 health
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Anol is a park we you and your family can go and have fun.., there are alot of resturants and the ocean view is nice (it's just a little dirty), but what can you expect this is Indonesia...
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