Depok is one of Indonesia's least visited destinations. Those traveling through the area might want to check out some more traveled destinations nearby such as Jakarta, Bali, and Bandung. If you do travel to Depok, please write about it in this Depok travel guide.
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Depok is generally a satellite off the big Jakarta planet - most of its mojo circulates around the massive Universitas Indonesia campus - but lately the small city build its own metro cred with two gigantic malls, Detos (Depok Town Square) and Margo City (named after the main street, Margonda Raya), complete with their own Starbucks and Hoka-Hoka Bento. Enormous malls are not the only things they copy from Jakarta, Depok takes after the capital city's terrible traffic jams. It's just so awful! I spent 3 hours from Jakarta's Pondok Indah to Depok's Jalan Sentosa! Depok still keeps some of its rustic charm, though, behind all those makeshift wannabees massive townhouses - complete with spreads of greens and a deep-trenched creek. Be careful as you traverse on Jalan Juanda's smooth freeway, which is an anomaly in Depok's well-damaged streets, when you must make a U-turn, make sure you can do it legally, as the Police install himself just to arrest clueless out-of-towners.
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1 million people live in this city. It´s a busy univercity city with many shoppingmalls on the jln margonda. But they do all sell the same stuff. For tourists there is not much to see. But there are many nice little restaurants where you can eat really cheap. Or try the sundaymorning market in Depok Timor. Pasar Kaget its called and starts at 6am!!
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One of the best spot of Depok is University of Indonesia campus. Located in Margonda Raya street, right on the border between Jakarta and Depok, this campus offers a nice eco-friendly environment. It is a perfect place for biking, walking or just sit and enjoy reading books in the beautiful mini-lake there.
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