Located in the province of Perugia in the Umbria region, Assisi is best kown for being the birthplace of St Francis of Assisi, who founded the Franciscan religious order, St. Clare, and Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows.  The town is now visited by numerous pilgrims.  Within the town are also other churches, castles, and monuments.

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What can be a greater in Assisi than St Francis' place - the slanting road to it is unforgettable, and when you are inside you feel blessed - there couldn't be many more nobler souls than him who considered even insects and worms to be his brothers and sisters, for they all have the same ancestry...

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Assisi (26.946 abitanti[1]) è una città dell'Umbria in provincia di Perugia, situata sul fianco occidentale del monte Subasio. È conosciuta per essere la città in cui nacquero, vissero e morirono san Francesco patrono d'Italia e santa Chiara
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Assisi - Bandiera
Assisi - Stemma
Nome ufficiale: {{{nomeUfficiale}}}
Stato: bandiera Italia
Regione: Umbria
Provincia: stemma Perugia
Coordinate: 43°4′0″N 12°37′0″E / 43.06667, 12.61667Coordinate: 43°4′0″N 12°37′0″E / 43.06667, 12.61667
Altitudine: 424 m s.l.m.
Superficie: 186,84 km²
26.946 2007
Densità: 144,21 ab./km²
Frazioni: Armenzano, Capodacqua, Castelnuovo, Costa di Trex, Colle delle Forche, Mora, Palazzo, Paradiso, Passaggio d'Assisi, Petrignano, Pieve San Nicolò, Porziano, Rivotorto, Rocca San Angelo, San Gregorio, Santa Maria degli Angeli, Santa Maria Lignano, San Presto, Sterpeto, Torchiagina, Tordandrea, Tordibetto, Viole 
Comuni contigui: Bastia Umbra, Bettona, Cannara, Nocera Umbra, Perugia, Spello, Valfabbrica, Valtopina
CAP: 06081
Pref. tel: 075
Codice ISTAT: 054001
Codice catasto: A475 
Nome abitanti: assisiati o assisani 
Santo patrono: San Rufino 
Giorno festivo: 12 agosto 
Posizione del comune nell'Italia
Sito istituzionale
Portale:Portali Visita il Portale Italia
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My alltime favourite place in Italy, even beats Rome (IMO)!!! Beautiful medieval town with well preserved medieval structure and buildings, sturdy town-wall that is visible from afar to the coming visitors. Perched on a hilltop, the city is crowning the whole surroundings. Narrow streets with steep steps and high towers and buildings and a magnificent cathedral guarding over the remains of St. Francisco, with beautiful murals from Giotto.
If you are already in the neighbourhood, it is worth visiting the nearby church of San Damiano/Gimiano, which, according to the legend, was built by the very hands of the saint himself.
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