Shiretoko is not much of a tourist spot. Travelers visiting this area of Japan tend to stick to more popular destinations. If you do travel to Shiretoko, please add your favorite places in this Shiretoko travel guide.
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this is the land of big bears dancing cranes and cheeky crows. in winter the white snow is heavy on the trees creating a concaved paradise of brilliant white, stay on a farm to understand local lifestyles of deliverig calfs writing haikus and the trading of potatoes for woolen socks, there are alot of hunters i this area if your a carnivor thats nice, u can see russia through banoculars and go to the forest to have a hotspring in a pool . we meet a hunter who was an old hippy that has killed bears his whole life hithey hung from the walls instead of paintings his weapons of chioce two magnum guns and a samuria sword, he hospitablly feed us a citrus fruit the size of a football and then everyoe braught out their carrot peeler instuments for a little jam. maybe its a little better in summer because you can see things the nature more.
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