A modest number of travelers pay Narita a visit when traveling through Japan. Narita can be worth stopping by, as it has some nice shopping and parks. Its most popular attraction is the Narita-San (temple). Take a moment to look over this Narita travel guide to see more things to see and do.
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Make sure you are on an airport train going to Narita Airport and not a local train going to the town/city of Narita. If this mistake is made you will have to wait for the next train on the platform and risk missing your flight home.
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If you are on a layover in Narita, one of the many airport hotels there, dont fret.  Narita has enough  to offer if you have a day or 2 to spare.  Narita temple complex.  Most airport hotels provide a shuttle from hotel to narita JR line, if not then a shuttle to the airport.  Bring your passport and take the shuttle to airport and then take the JR line to Narita station.  Ticket cost abot 230 yen one way.  At the JR line station walk out to the taxi waiting area and walk down the road about 20 metres to the traffic light.  At this junction take a left and walk for about 20 to 30 minutes.  The street itself is very colourful in that it is not touristy and you see a lot of locals with their daily life.  There are abundant signs to the temple.  Once at the temple complex do explore the whole complex including the three storey pagoda, the Naritasan Shinjoshi temple, Naritasan park.  There are many interesting features to the temple complex and what struck me was the many statues and commemerative stones whithin the park between the trees giving it a slightly eerie feeling.  There are occasional small shops at the fringes of the whole complex which sells authentic japanese fare, dont miss it.
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