Kin is located in Japan's Okinawa region. It's not much of a tourist destination, and other destinations in this area such as Okinawa may be more interesting to visit. If you've been to Kin, help us make this Kin travel guide better by adding your favorite spots!
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Kinville...home of the "Buy-me drinkie" bars and "Kick Ass Rock n' Roll" as well as some of the best late-night Yaki Soba in Okie!  If you want to have fun out, really it's best to leave the sausage-fest bars in Kin and head down to Gate 2 street or Naha, but if you want some good late night eating and cheap drinks, then Kinville is the place to be!  Just beware of the tons of drunk Marines out looking to kick ass or drink beer...or both!
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Another town next to a Marine Base. I was stationed at Camp Hanson 2 blocks from Kin, for 13 months.All they have is Taco Rice and nude bars. Some of them cater to sexual actions right at the tables,so be aware of these.Lots of drunk, angry Marines aswell.
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